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We are More T Vicar. We have this thing about T Shirts

We sell T Shirts because we reckon that they are one of the last bastions of personal choice. A T Shirt design or cut says a whole load about you. We love difference.

We are located in the South East of England where the grass is green and the rain is plentiful. We love it here.

We have been the home of the cool tee since 2003!

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    French Kick T Shirts

    Introducing French Kick; a new edgy brand from our stylish friends across the Channel. French Kick describe themselves as “Fresh, Fun, Classy, Respectful, Friendly, Iconoclasts, Competitive & Made in Europe” Oh La La!

    We are really, really pleased to have French Kick T Shirts at More T Vicar. It’s a really fresh and fun brand with more than its fair share of the odd.

    The men’s t shirts are ‘fitted’ and suit the toned variant of the human male physique whereas the ladies cuts are sweeping, cool and double stitched ‘fraying’ give them a load of difference without the worry of the t shirt falling apart in the washing machine.

    These are great quality t shirts and looking splendid under a denim jacket or on their own. They are selling fast so make sure you get a look in if it’s your kind of thing.

    Here area couple of examples, click here to see the full range

    The unlikely coupling of Marilyn Monroe with Darth Vader as a baby is as surreal as it gets.
    french kick darth vader and marylin munroe t shirt
    OMG I Am So Vintage!

    New Breed Girl t shirts are in the store! Bright and cheerful tees to wash away a gloomy summer.

    Take a look here

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