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We are More T Vicar. We have this thing about T Shirts

We sell T Shirts because we reckon that they are one of the last bastions of personal choice. A T Shirt design or cut says a whole load about you. We love difference.

We are located in the South East of England where the grass is green and the rain is plentiful. We love it here.

We have been the home of the cool tee since 2003!

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    This week at More T Vicar

    Akumu Ink T Shirts

    This Week At More T Vicar

    Every now and again we get something really special into More T Vicar. Akumu Ink create incredibly dark, illustrative t shirts. There’s a bit of Edward Gorey going on with these t shirts. An old, spooky feel printed on great quality t shirts. They will be ready to buy by Thursday this week, but for now, take a look at these images.





    Pretty amazing huh?

    TBagged Competition

    We’ve kicked off with four smashing new t shirts for you guys to win. August’s lucky winners will be getting their t shirts this week.

    If you want to get in with a chance to win one of these great quality t shirts, just go here and start clicking : More T Vicar’s TBagged Facebook App

    The Great Silicon Wristband Giveaway

    We are giving away some very twinkly silicon wristbands when you purchase a New Breed Girl or Goodie Two Sleeves t shirts. These bands normally cost £3.99, but you will get one free for every t shirt that you buy. Take a look here

    French Kick T Shirts

    We’ve had a very good response to our new French Kick t shirts which we introduced to the shop last week. These t shirts are pretty quirky, striking and have some lovely touches to them. The ladies t shirts are cut beautifully, just right for wearing under a denim jacket or zip hoodie. See French Kick t shirts here

    The new ‘Bulldog’ Bike Polo range from Chunk Clothing.

    These shirts are really special. The detail and production values are so high that sometimes we have to just look at them for a while to make sure they are real. Amazing.


    t shirt label t shirt quality screen print t shirt swing tags

    Things to look for in a great t shirt

    A Great Swing Tag

    Usually quality brands put a lot of effort into making sure that their tees are unique and a pleasure to look at and collect. See the photo for examples of collectable swing tags.

    Stitching and Detail

    Again, a lot of effort is put into the t shirt. You know when you are wearing a Chunk, Junk Food, Jakes Of Soho, Amplified or Dirty Velvet t shirt because of the attention to detail and the high quality material and stitching. That’s what makes people nuts about these particular brands and that’s why we stock them. Lets face it, t shirts are so commonplace that only the true t shirt obsessive would seek out these particular brands and we love them for that.

    Quality Screen Print

    New technology has come about in the last couple of years that almost matches screen printing, but it’s the sheer amount of dedication at a manufacturing level that makes screen print so important. Also, t shirt designers need to be extremely talented to understand what makes a great design both visually and culturally as well as how that design will look after the screen printing process.

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